We only take exclusive submissions meaning they are UNPUBLISHED, having not been shown on Facebook, Tumblr, blogs or any other public forum. The published story remains an ORG® Exclusive after being published.  Successful submissions will be notified via email. ORG® reserves the right to accept or deny any submissions we receive. By submitting your work, you give full consent for ORG® to publish your work in the magazine, website and/or shared via social media. Please note that due to the sheer amount of emails we receive daily we unfortunately cannot reply to every submission sent.

By submitting an exclusive story to the ORG® you agree not to send the accepted and published story to any other magazine or website and give sole discretion to the ORG® to use/post your work in anyway to the ORG®, unless rejected, or the 30-day period concludes in which case you may submit and publish elsewhere. 

Our submission requirements:

  • The amount of photos in one session is not defined. As much as you have. Because we are always ready to choose from a large number of images to create a fascinating publication.
  • The size of the one photo needs to be as big as you can send. And obviously, that shortest side is at least 1200 px. 
  • Please, leave all credits & social media account links.
  • Location, camera & film stock are also suggested.

You must be the copyright-owner of the artwork or photographs to submit them. All models must be 18 years and over. You must have written permission of the models and agencies for publishing the images before submitting. Be aware that when submitting your contribution you agree to grant ORG® the right to reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, create derivative works, distribute, make available to the public, and/or to incorporate your contribution in other works in any media. ORG® reserve the right to re-edit any imagery and to use cropped versions of your work when producing our editorials and you as an artist understand that the editorial itself is someone’s artwork. We have the rights to remove your editorial at any stage.



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